Enhancements to the Observations Tool

(Coming Autumn 2017!)

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of a new version of Perspective this autumn, which includes powerful new features in the Observations tool.

Full and Lite users are invited to book in a free online preview to see these features in action!

Analysis Improvements

We are updating the Observations analysis feature to include the ability to:

  • Analyse an individual teacher’s performance to see who may need extra support.
  • Use optional tick boxes to focus on areas for development OR areas of strength for a particular individual.
  • Easily view and track performance over time to identify if/where progress is being made.

Joint & Team Observations

  • Save time with joint observations, where multiple observers can access and update a single observation with their feedback (Only one Observer can edit at a time, to avoid clashing edits!)
  • Record and share feedback of an observation for a whole team. e.g. Complete a learning walk for the maths team
  • Brand new analysis for team observations, so you can see how an entire team is performing and the progress they are making.