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Schools all over the world are benefiting from new artificial intelligence tools that boost efficiency and supercharge productivity. You’re in the right place for actionable tips you need to start using AI, develop your skill set, and reduce your workload.

Embrace the power of AI today and transform your classrooms.

The AI Perspective Webinars

Discover our transformative webinar series, where AI meets the classroom.

We’ve completed our first phase of webinars featuring Dan Fitzpatrick and providing actionable tips and strategies that you can implement right away.

You can see all of our past webinars here. Check back soon because we’ll be adding more dates to the calendar.

"Dan is a hands-on presenter who captivates the audience by showing HOW and WHY. Dan's examples were inspiring."
"A really straightforward, down to earth explanation of something that's very complex - made it much less scary!"
"Dan is an expert in this emerging generative AI space for education and can't wait to see his impact on educator training."

Dan Fitzpatrick
Dan is a leading voice in AI and Education. He is the author of The AI Classroom: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Education. He was awarded the Tech Champion Award at the Digital Industry Dynamite Awards 2022 and featured in the latest EdTech50. Dan was a teacher and a senior leader in a secondary school. He has an M.A. from Durham University, a PGCE from UCL and a Post Graduate Diploma in Design Thinking & Innovation from MIT.

The 5 Minute Lesson PLan

Introducing the AI-Powered 5 Minute Lesson Plan: Effortless Lesson Planning for Teachers!

In partnership with Teacher Toolkit, our acclaimed tool has had a powerful AI upgrade. Simply input topic and year group, and watch the AI swiftly craft engaging lesson plans for you!

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The AI Classroom

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Education Book

Educators will have a vital role to play in the rapidly emerging artificial intelligence revolution.

The AI Classroom book is the ultimate guide for navigating the complexities of AI in education. This thought-provoking book provides practical strategies for incorporating AI tools into your teaching practices, while exploring the potential of AI to transform traditional models of teaching and learning. Discover how AI can help you create inclusive and accessible learning environments, personalise learning, reach more students, and get your time back. Let’s unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence and embrace its transformative power to take your craft to the next level!

Buying the book through our link will also help raise funds for charity.

10 Artificial Intelligence Ideas for Your Classroom

Embark on your AI classroom journey with our concise and tailored guides. Bespoke for your teaching stage and subject, these free resources enlighten and inspire.

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Primary: KS1, KS2