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Let’s make sure no child falls behind.

Curriculum is at the heart of everything we do at schools, which is why it’s so important for us to take our time, and get things right – especially right now.

That is why we have decided to offer Balance’s curriculum tool to all primary schools, free of charge, during this time – so you can use it to get ahead of the changes that will undoubtedly come, while we have the time to do so.

Created alongside subject specialists, schools and teachers across the country – Balance helps you focus on what matters most, allowing you to completely edit your curriculum in a way that works, going forward, for your primary school.

Your curriculum, your way.

Balance comes pre-populated with curriculums for the following subjects:

Developed by subject specialists, these are all available for you to use as they are, or for you to personalise for your school.

Drag and drop interface

Balance’s simple drag and drop method is particularly handy for foundation curriculums, which are key stage based.

You can easily move content from year to year based on your school’s curriculum intentions.

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Curriculum Editing

It makes it easier than ever to have clear intentions in line with the new Education Inspection Framework by letting you quickly chop and change everything, from your modules to your objectives to your sequencing, and back again.

Screenshot of curriculum KPIs screen

KPI Functionality

Work on editing your own curriculum, or save even more time by editing the expert-curated curriculums provided, using our KPI functionality to focus on less, in more depth, by honing in on the key areas you will assess against.


We’re here to help and support you through these strange times. By signing up to Balance, you’ll also gain access to:

Totally free, step-by-step support, help and demonstrations on how to use Balance

Weekly webinars covering everything you need to get started (including creating an intervention curriculum)

Regular blogs, tips and guidance on curriculum, from our team of experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Balance Lite really free?

Yes, there’s no cost for Balance Lite, and you can set up as many users as you like within your school without charge.

Is this suitable for early years?

Balance currently supports Primary school curriculums from years 1 to 6. We’re working on having versions for Early Years and Secondary schools in the future.


Balance’s paid features can significantly help you get back on track, once this is all over.

Our Professional Judgements help to reduce teacher workload with simple one-click assessments, and our new Planning tool helps you to quickly and easily set out your curriculum week by week – saving you time, and making next year that little bit easier.

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