Our planning trilogy allows you to map out the sequencing of your whole curriculum - dropping your modules, sub-modules, and objectives into long-term, medium-term and short-term plans that everyone can see at the click of a button, without drowning in unnecessary word documents full of tracked changes and versions.

Use our simple tool to organise how and when you’re going to teach each area of your curriculum…

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Long-term Planning

Once you’ve finalised and published your curriculum, you can start planning, splitting the content up between terms. You can drag-and-drop modules, sub-modules and objectives into a long term plan that everyone can see at the click of a button.

No more drowning in unnecessary word documents full of tracked changes and versions.

Medium-term Planning

Break down your long-term plans into weeks. Yep, that’s it! It takes no time at all and even lets you copy multiple modules or objectives into several weeks at once. Magic. Your plans are also fully customisable, so you can call them whatever you like to help keep things clear and simple (think ‘Romans Topic’ for example).

Short-term Planning

Once you have created your long-term and medium-term plans in Balance, creating your short-term plans will be a breeze. Break them down into weekly timetables, clearly showing what you are planning to teach and assess for the week ahead. Print your plan as either a timetable for the week or lists of all the objectives that you will be teaching each day.


Scribble down and add any thoughts, notes or helpful resources as you plan – so you never lose a good idea or handy link. The notes feature is for YOU - write as much (or as little) as you need. Key questions, important reminders and handy links to resources… that kind of thing.

Learning Events

Once you have created your short-term plan in Balance, you can create a new learning event directly from your short-term plan. Whether you want to create a daily learning event or one for the whole week – it’s completely up to you. This is a massive time saver and will no doubt help in reducing your workload! As soon as you have created your timetable for the week, you will be given the option to add these KPIs straight into a learning event ready for you to assess.