More Power with Plus

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our new File Requests Module.

Broadcast Plus: the tool designed to seamlessly transform the way you gather files from schools. Prepare to save not only precious time but also significant effort in your collection process.

Your journey towards superior file management begins here.

Automate Your File Management

Streamline your operations and significantly reduce manual tasks, as you embrace the ease of automated file collection.

Our Dynamic Management Dashboards give you a comprehensive, at-a-glance overview of all file requests across your schools, enhancing both visibility and control for maximum operational efficiency.

Discover a suite of powerful tools within our module to revolutionise your file collection process.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Issue file requests with specified deadlines to selected schools based on Nexus groups, school phases and more.
  • Export a summary of your file collection details for your own analysis.
  • Effortlessly manage, search, filter and download all files, including comments, returned by your schools.
  • Expand your collection capability to include files from other establishments including Early Years settings.
  • Reject single or multiple files, either pre or post-download, with the option to add your reasons for rejection.
  • Maintain optimal control with the ability to update school lists, pause a collection, and access a detailed audit trail.

Enhanced Standalone Files Collection

Our existing secure standalone file collection process will also benefit from:

  • An improved system for ad-hoc requests – more flexibility and greater ease of use.
  • Speed and efficiency – download or reject single or multiple files at once.
  • Clear communication and feedback – add reasons for rejection to rejected files.

Perspective Lite Updates

Schools and other establishments using either Perspective Lite or Perspective Premium will benefit from an enhanced version of their File Returns process.

  • Enhanced communication – add comments to files being sent, providing essential context for the LA team, streamlining collaboration.
  • Optimized rejection workflow – easily identify rejected files, with clear visibility on reasons for rejection, simplifying resolution.
  • Flexibility in file sharing – schools retain the ability to send standalone files, ensuring freedom and versatility in sharing data.

To Sum Up…

Broadcast Plus users automatically get this functionality included as part of their annual licence.

Broadcast users (who can only send files to schools) can explore upgrading to Broadcast Plus to benefit from this new file collections module

If you are not yet benefitting from Broadcast and want to see it in action then why not book a demo or contact us on the details below

Coming Next

  • File collection process enhanced further to include automatic closing, deadline grace periods and validation of file extensions.
  • Customising tags and reasons for rejection.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at:
0845 833 0933

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