Observatory helps you focus time, money, and resource where they matter most.

With Observatory, you can see what’s happening across all your academies.

Whether you’re looking to grow and need to review how all your academies are doing, or alerted when there’s something urgent to be taken care of, we keep you in control of all the spinning plates. In no time, you’ll see the most recent interactions with your academies, or see the latest Ofsted data, right in front of you.

The good news is that Observatory Essentials is and always will be free! What’s the catch? There isn’t one!

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Observatory gathers the insights you need to know and displays them all in one place, saving you hours of time chasing and collating data, spreadsheets, and notes.

You can see what’s happening across all your establishments at a glance, review how your schools are doing on a map, and get alerted when there’s something urgent to be taken care of – keeping you in control of all the spinning plates.

Mission Control Dashboards

Here you’ll find everything you need; key statistics, contacts, actions and insights for each academy. From Ofsted grades to RAG ratings, effortlessly manage all your academies in one place.

You can also upload any relevant files, notes, or evidence quickly and securely – so the rest of your team can access them without trawling through emails and google documents. Hurrah!


We’re here to keep you informed on the positive developments across your Trust and to let you know about any areas that might benefit from additional attention.

Nobody knows the academies in your Trust like you do. With the help of our clean visuals, your grades and customisable KPIs and categories will allow you to confidently monitor your impact over time. Group your intelligence in any way you like so you can spot any academies struggling, due to be inspected, or heading for a potential budget deficit, and create actions to step in where needed.

Analysis as easy as 123

Are you still using Excel or Word documents to gather the data you need?

Observatory does all the admin for you, automatically fetching the data from across your academies, and displaying it on our analytics dashboard. Now you can spend the time you have saved on informed intervention and record the improvements you are making along the way.

Complete Visit-bility.

We know the struggle of managing multiple visits across all of your academies, especially the amount of paperwork that is attached. Observatory Premium provides complete “visit-bility” – the ability to locate reports and notes hidden across your visit documents. It’s the power to swiftly make Trust-wide changes without chasing and emailing versions around… and that’s why we call it “visit-bility.”

We can:

  • Ensure that you have access to the latest visit data, flag overdue visits, and tell you whether the reports are in progress or complete.
  • Track specific details of your visits including visit length and administrative time.
  • Show any recurring themes such as academy visits with incomplete actions, or academies that haven’t had a visit.

Pssst… That’s not all! Our visits work hand in hand with our actions module, so you can pair the reviewing with the do-ing.

Bring Actions to life!

Are your actions still scattered across multiple Word documents?

Working hand-in-hand with visits, our actions module is your new virtual to-do list…

We can…

  • Track actions individually on our centralised dashboard, or include them within your visit reports.
  • Keep focused on all your essential activity with key, incomplete, or overdue actions.
  • Find the actions you need using our flexible search tool and powerful filters.

Streamlined MIS data at your fingertips

Wouldn’t it be good if you could spend more time doing meaningful actions knowing your MIS data collection is securely automated?

And that’s not all…

  • We include benchmark data for both MAT and national averages where relevant.
  • Our unique algorithms check the quality, and help clean your data so you can be confident in the accuracy of your analysis.
  • Intelligence is updated daily so you can make informed decisions in a timely manner.
  • Explore your data with our date range selection and filterable categories.
  • Our handy export function means you can share PDFs or download raw data to use them as prep for meetings with the wider team.


Keep track of all the academies within your MAT with our handy and easy-to-read map.


Never miss a beat with a live alert ticker that displays all the relevant updates and changes that you or a member of your team has made across any of your academies. Whether someone’s added notes, or recorded a new grade – you’ll know about it.


No more wasted time checking for Parent View activity across all of your academies (especially when there have been no changes!) Stay consistently up-to-date with recent activity and get alerted when a new response has been added against any of your academies. Phew!


Always feel prepared when you get that call with the latest intel available on the lead Ofsted inspectors visiting your schools at your fingertips.

Inspector Profiles summarises every inspection your lead inspector has done, showing you their main findings, recommendations, recurring themes – and even shows you other establishments they’ve recently inspected on a map. Use the keyword search to save time investigating things like curriculum, pupil premium, and governance so you get as much time as possible to prepare.

Plus, you can keep an eye on how inspections are going across the country with Watchsted, meaning you’ve always got a view of the bigger picture.

Here are some of our valued customers

Options to fit any organisation

The good news is that Observatory Essentials is and always will be free! What’s the catch? There isn’t one!

But there are some extra modules we know you’ll find invaluable as part of our Premium package.

"Perspective Observatory has helped us develop how we manage our board... and it’s because all the information is now at my fingertips."

- Susannah Connell, CEO at Diamond Learning Trust

"Our Trust invested in Perspective and Observatory and this has transformed the work of the School Improvement Department - reducing workload, having one platform which collects, stores and analyses data/key information that is accessible to leaders in a manageable way..."

- Liz Peacock, Deputy CEO at Vantage CE Multi-Academy Trust

Working hand-in-hand with Perspective Lite

Observatory seamlessly integrates with another handy free tool for your academies that we made called Perspective Lite.

Using Perspective Lite and Observatory together makes your life easier by giving your academies the same free access to our Watchsted module and other time-saving tools like our infographic census data tool.

Used in over 23,000 schools and academies, you may find that some of your academies are already using it. Contact us today to find out more.

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