Scheduling Reviews

Performance reviews

This guide will help you to schedule and complete staff appraisals using Perspective‘s Performance Management system. Please click the links to find out about each stage of the appraisal process.

How to access the Performance Management Dashboard

Hover over the Perf. Mgmt icon on your main Perspective toolbar and click Performance Mgmt.

How to Schedule a Review

Step 1

Step 1 - Choose a Reviewee

After clicking on Perf Mgmt > Performance Mgmt, expand the Not Scheduled menu by clicking on it. This will display all reviews you can see that are not yet scheduled. Click Schedule

Step 2

Step 2 - Schedule when the review will take place

Select the meeting date and time of when the review is set to take place and click ‘Schedule’.

N.B: When you click ‘Schedule’, Perspective will automatically send your chosen Reviewee an email to let them know when their review meeting is set to take place, and to prompt them to make sure everything is up-to-date before the meeting.

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Status 1: Scheduled

This means a review has been scheduled, but not yet started. Once scheduled, the system takes you back to the performance management dashboard.

Step 1

Step 1 - Choose a person in the 'Complete the Review For' field

After scheduling the review it will drop into the Scheduled menu on the dashboard. Click on this to expand the menu and then click the Edit icon

Step 2

Step 2 - Choose a person in the 'Complete the Review For' field

You can now work your way through the tabs on the left hand-side to complete the review. Don’t forget to save regularly.

N.B. The Performance Review will move from Scheduled into Draft stage automatically once the scheduled Review Meeting has taken place. However, as a Reviewer, you can start entering information prior to the meeting if you wish, and can download a draft Report at any time from this page.

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Status 2: Draft

You have now started the process of completing a review! Once you are happy with the draft version of the review, you will need to submit the review for feedback so that your reviewee can record their feedback regarding their review meeting.

Step 1

Step 2 - Choose a person in the 'Complete the Review For' field

Hover over the Perf. Mgmt icon on your main Perspective toolbar and click Performance Mgmt. Click on the Draft menu to expand it and then select Submit for Feedback alongside the relevant review.

Step 2

Step 2 - Click the 'Submit for Feedback' button

Once you have worked your way through the tabs on the left hand-side and completed the review, click the red ‘Submit for Feedback’ button at the top-right of the page.

N.B. The Review will no longer be available for you to edit until your Reviewee has provided you with their feedback. This stops any system override problems. Your Reviewee will be automatically emailed by Perspective, informing them that their Draft Review has been submitted, and asking them to give their feedback. Once they have done this, you will be able to access the review again.

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Status 3: Feedback Pending

How to submit Feedback – instructions for Reviewees

Now that a review has been submitted for feedback, the Reviewee involved will need to log their feedback in Perspective. Reviewers will not be able to edit reviews while they are in the Feedback Pending stage and must wait for this feedback to be submitted.

Step 1

Step 1 - Once logged in to Perspective, click on the Reviews tab and then 'Give Feedback'

From your Perspective Dashboard (the Homepage you see when first logged in), select the ‘Reviews’ tab and then click on ‘Give Feedback’ next to your recent review.

Step 2

Step 2 - View the draft pdf of your Review

Click on the pdf icon where it says ‘Click here to view your Review’. This will download the draft copy of your review as a pdf file.

Once you’ve read the document, please write in the comments box and then select whether you think it is an accurate or inaccurate reflection of what took place in your Performance Management meeting.

Please ensure you add comments before making a selection. Once you select Accurate or Inaccurate your review will be sent back to your reviewer and you won’t be able to add any further comments.

N.B. The Review will be automatically updated to include the Reviewee’s feedback and will change status to In Revision. This means the Reviewer can read the Reviewee comments and edit the Review accordingly.

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Status 4: In Revision

Now that your Reviewee has provided you with feedback, you need to log in to your Perspective account, view their feedback and finalise their review.

How to move a Review to ‘Finalised’:

Auto Finalisation

If the review has been marked as accurate by the reviewee then it will be automatically finalised after 10 working days.

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Status 5: Finalised

Step 1

Step 1 - View all Finalised Reviews

Click on the Finalised menu to expand it

Step 2

You will be able to see all of your finalised reviews here, along with a ‘current progress’ report (keeps you up-to-date with how your Reviewee is progressing towards their targets and CPD) and the anonymised report (as long as you don’t use the Reviewee’s name in text, we remove this from headers and footers)

N.B. Once you finalise a review, you do not access the ‘Complete a Review’ process again for this year. You can update information through the Reviewee’s targets to add mid-year review statements, any additional CPD etc.

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