Balance is a formative assessment tool with children at the heart. It saves time and reduces marking.

It's more than just software!

Why Balance?

Balance is different to other Assessment Tools you may have seen before…


Balance focuses on depth of understanding

No more bands, steps or hashtags! Balance provides you with a 1-9 learning wheel to help you assess a child's depth of understanding against lesson objectives. You can then secure the objective once you feel the child has fully mastered it.


Balance involves the children in their learning

Schools across the country are turning the Balance learning wheel into classroom displays. This lets children discuss their learning, self-assess and know what they need to do next in order to deepen their understanding. This helps with a growth mindset and building a learning-powered approach.


Balance starts and ends with the learning

As Sir Ken Robinson says, "learning is personal" and no two children have the same learning journey. Balance allows you to see each individual child's learning journey. You can clearly identify what children know and don't know at any time.


Balance knows that learning is not linear

Balance provides you with a default analysis trend line to get you started. However, as you develop your use of Balance, we help you to map your trend line against your scheme of work. The system then provides you with more accurate analysis and guidance on when you can expect objectives to be secure.


Use Balance as a planning tool

Balance shows you depth of understanding for individuals and whole classes to help you easily identify gaps in learning and plan your next steps.


Balance supports classroom practice

Balance can be used within the classroom to support your AfL techniques, reduce marking and help you to provide effective verbal feedback within a lesson.

 Balance is set to have a major impact on children's learning (and teachers' work-life balance!)

Adam Vasco, St Vincent de Paul Primary

Take a look for yourself!

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Are you a Teacher?

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