Balance is a formative assessment tool
for Primary Schools that identifies exactly what children know and don't know, and helps to inform their next steps for learning.

Why Balance?

Balance is different to other Assessment Tools you may have seen before…


Balance is formative and flexible (not summative and rigid!)


Balance promotes 'understanding' over 'coverage'


Balance makes learning personal, using non-linear progress lines


Balance reduces written marking by encouraging effective verbal feedback


Balance includes simple, clear and accurate analysis


Balance covers foundation curricula in detail!

 Balance is set to have a major impact on children's learning (and teachers' work-life balance!)

Adam Vasco, St Vincent de Paul Primary

Take a look for yourself!

Leaders can book a with one of our team to see Balance in action

Or, view our list of upcoming events to see if there's a live demonstration plannind in your area!

Are you a Teacher?

Don't worry, we'll be posting videos to show Balance to you soon…

In the meantime, please tell your headteacher about it!