Pendulum Upgrade Released

Version 3.2.3 (went live on 4th July 2011)

Our web-based Record of Visits module ‘Pendulum‘ has some additional enhancements requested by our users. See the list below for details:

Finalising “Other” Visits

Up until now as soon as users saved a standard ‘other’ visit, it immediately made the report visible within the “records of visit” tab in the NEXUS schools section – this meant that you had to write the whole report in one sitting and did not have the ability to keep it in draft form and then come back and finish it at a later date.

We have now added in the ability to SAVE (but keep draft/private) and then FINALISE when you are ready for others to see it. A new “finalise” checkbox will appear on screen.

This checkbox will only be active after the visit date has occurred.

Schools seeing “Other” Visit Reports

As soon as the visit report is finalised, it will also appear in the schools Perspective Lite view. This visit workflow differs from the School Improvement Visits in the sense that the Head Teacher is not asked to read and respond to these visits therefore if they are not happy with the content they should email/phone the advisor in question.

Planned Development for v3.2.4 (September 2011)

Below is a summary of new features that will be released late September

  • attaching documents to the Other Visit report
  • expanding the Other visit comments box and adding rich text formatting
  • adding the ability to enter a forthcoming visit in Pendulum and then “drop” this into your outlook calendar
  • a full review / simplification of the Visit Portfolio section
  • Auto-Finalising the School Improvement visits after 10 working days if the Head Teacher has not responded to a draft report
  • A full review / update to the capture and exporting of visit time and prep time

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email

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