Pendulum Updates

This spring, we’re laying the groundwork for bigger blooms…

As a result of the Pendulum webinars in December and January, you will soon see many of the time-saving features that were shared – our team are busy working on the dashboards and actions module that you loved!

In the meantime, here are some other features we’ve added to make your Pendulum experience even better…

Project: Recall

Ever sent a visit to a school and then realised there was something that needed changing?

There’s no need to worry – we’ve added the ability to recall visits even after they’ve been sent to a school. Now YOU can pop it back into your drafts to continue editing.

Finalised Record Screenshot  

Time is of the essence.

Admin Time Validation: We’ve all done it… accidentally typed a wrong number in by mistake? Well now we’re helping you to check the information you’re entering is correct by adding a little warning message if you’ve popped in a high admin time (anything over 10 hours).

This is super helpful if you’re completing your own visit, but also great for Pendulum Admins to make sure all the data being entered by all your advisors is as accurate as it can be too.

Save Visit

Date & Time Validation: When you create a new visit, the end date will automatically default to the same day as the start date you choose, and the end time will be set to 1 hour after your selected start time. However, you can of course customise the end date and times in any way you wish.

Portfolio makeover

Who doesn’t love a makeover? We’ve given our portfolio design a revamp, the sections are now a bit snazzier and have some nice colours added to them.

Remember when you had to ‘download all reports’ to see any one of these sections? Too many all at once? Now you can download all visits for a specific section.

Portfolio makeover screenshot  

Export decisions

You’ll be spoiled for choice with this… If you weren’t previously happy with just one analysis export option, we’re giving you the decision for CSV or XLS. Which one will you choose?

Pendulum Analysis Section

That’s it for now…

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