New features are live in Perspective…

We are excited to bring you another round of new features and enhancements to Perspective! You may have already seen our previous communications outlining some of the changes, but keep reading for a rundown of what’s new including BIG changes to Observations, a new Performance Management landing page, development plans and more…

The ultimate Development Feedback.

The biggest change you will notice in this update is that the ‘Observations’ module is now called ‘Development Feedback’.

Everything you need will still be found within the ‘Perf. Mgmt’ section of the navigation menu. The dropdown will be replaced by a new landing page for everything related to your Performance Management, shown below.


We know Performance Management should be a conversation, a two-way dialogue and more of a coaching and a support tool. These subtle changes help reinforce that message as well as remind you that Perspective is NOT just there for formal lesson observations but has always supported ‘Learning Walks‘, ‘Book Scrutiny‘, and many other templates and forms.

If you’d like to read more about the reasons behind the language change from Observations to Development Feedback, then click here to read our article.

Your updated Development Feedback form.

Our development feedback forms have also been given a fresh look in the November update so you can capture the important details you need right from the initial pop-up.


We have changed the language ‘Observer‘ and ‘Observed‘ boxes to ‘Feedback from‘ and ‘Feedback for‘. You’ll also no longer need to assign a team to an individual observation or feedback record.

Once you click ‘add feedback’, you will see our new condensed look that allows you to focus on capturing the feedback straight away.


A nifty sidebar has been added to your form – with the option to hide or add optional information such as ‘Focus’, ‘Lesson’, or ‘Topic’. We’ve also made it even easier to upload any relevant files to the feedback record.

To continue with our improvements, the handy “sticky” bar down the bottom of your page makes it easier than ever to save your drafts or finalise feedback records and is a much-improved way of working with your feedback templates.


Development Plan enhancements…

When you next log in to Perspective you will notice a few enhancements we have made to our Development Plan section.


To keep things clean and tidy, we now have a handy information bar to explain the plans that you are looking at. Perspective will let you know what’s in your ‘Published Plan’ and when it was last published. If you don’t know what a Published Plan is or how it is used then you can find that out from here too!


Our handy prompts will also highlight and confirm any changes before they are made so you can be sure the right people will see the version you want them to see.

Not using our Development Plans or would like to explore how you can get up and running with our new Development Feedback enhancements? Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more and learn more about our new templates coming in 2023.

‘Purpo-SEF-ull’ Team Reviews.

If you’re a Head Teacher, we’ve made it even easier for you to see and access draft and agreed Team Reviews across your school.

Simply head to the team management section in your settings where you will be able to add yourself to the relevant team.


Click here to find out more. We really hope you enjoy the latest changes and we can’t wait to bring you more exciting updates in 2023.


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