About Nexus

Nexus is a web based education portal available to every Local Authority in England through their NCER membership.

Local Authorities are often unaware of the existence of this tool that they already have access to. Nexus brings together a wealth of key information designed to support the school improvement service. Designed specifically to bridge the gap between the data managers and data recipients, Nexus helps ensure the data being used in your school discussions is accurate, up-to-date and consistent.

NEXUS features 4 key areas of functionality that provide vital information for Data Teams, School Improvement Teams and Senior Managers.

  • Traditional Website (forums, news, contact us, NCER events etc)
  • Configurable Homepage Data Widgets – drawing in data from a variety of sources; Keypas, National Data, Local Data
  • NEXUS School Pages – an holistic view of each school summarising data from a variety of sources and generating the NEXUS School Profile Report
  • KEYPAS – pupil level performance data analysis and reporting tool

Angel Solutions meet regularly with the NCER’s NEXUS User Group to review all of the above elements of NEXUS for prioritisation and the scheduling for development.

Nexus Home

Nexus has the following features:

  • Quick access to key information on your schools
  • Up-to-Date Configurable School Profiles
  • National Indicators and Statistical First Releases
  • Census and Financial Data on Schools
  • Ofsted Alerts, Reports and Evaluation Summaries
  • Google Mapping
  • Assessment Data including FSP, KS1, KS2/3, GCSE and A-Level updated automatically by your existing data team using Keypas
  • Document Repository
  • Details of Key Personnel at each School
  • Early Indications of National Figures (eg FSP, KS1)
  • Access to dynamically generated reports from Keypas published by your data team
  • Customisable ‘widgets’ per user
  • School Awards
  • Education news feeds
  • password protected website
  • more features such as age/dob calculators, polls, website links, to-do lists, document storage, forum …