Perspective is the school improvement toolkit that reduces your workload.

Fed up of drowning in paperwork? Save time and money by letting Perspective take care of the unnecessary admin at every stage of your school cycle. From completing the SEF to staying on top of development plans and appraisals, thousands of schools across the country are already using it to make each day that little bit easier.

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Whether you’re a seasoned head or brand new to the SEF, Perspective helps your school get the inspection it deserves. No more drowning in word documents or last-minute panics. It breaks the whole process down into manageable chunks, sharing the workload amongst your team – so you’re always prepared.

The dashboard helps you quickly build your SEF with one-click judgements, and a series of optional bite-sized questions that your colleagues can complete. Add comments or feedback whenever necessary, and securely upload evidence as you go.

It saves and tracks changes automatically, so you’re always in control of the final version, and never in danger of losing any work. Not to mention, it easily integrates with your school development plan, so you can keep tabs on progress throughout the year.

Never completed a SEF before (or even been through an Ofsted)? Feeling nervous due to framework changes? Don’t panic! We’ve been doing this for years and we’re here to guide you through it.

At every stage of the process, we take you through it step-by-step. You’ll find quick access to all the latest guidance and helpful hints for each bite-sized question.

Our bite-sized questions make things simple, so you know you’ve got everything covered. Plus, they’re written by Ofsted inspectors, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. Phew!


A little Perspective will make your appraisal cycle feel like a doddle.

Stay organised all year long with a tool that keeps track of where everyone’s reviews are up to, links your personal development plans to your whole-school priorities, and keeps all your reports and pay recommendations in one easy-to-grab space.

All your reports are live documents, so you can work to your own schedule by updating targets, CPD, and evidence whenever you like – as well as carry out interim reviews throughout the year.

Plus, we alert you when something needs to be taken care of, so you can remove it from your list of things to check. Nice!


Feeling planned out? Perspective helps you create development plans and stay on top of them. Forget spending time on formatting or chasing updates, you simply focus on what’s going into the plan, and we make sure it looks good.

It’s quick and easy to create targets and actions, then delegate them to any member of your team. When the targets are updated, your plans automatically update to reflect those changes (making preparing for your governor’s meetings a whole lot easier).

It even saves time in other areas by creating targets that are directly linked to your SEF, helping you keep an eye on your school’s progress. Oh, and you can choose our standard plan format or create your own custom plans with our easy-to-use tool, so it fits in with your school. Simple.


Perspective takes the hassle out of Observations and Professional Standards by keeping everything consistent and standardised across your school.

Whether you use our library of ready-made templates (designed by experts) or create your own, you’re in control. Record your observations as they happen, or enter them in later using our quick and easy forms.

Spending all of your time compiling reports? Cut down on admin by letting Perspective do the work for you, with easy exports and instant analysis of the progress of each department or individual staff members.

Pssst. Perspective interacts seamlessly with Observatory, our tool for MATs, Dioceses and Clusters. Work in a trust?

Find out how it helps your trust work smart, not hard.

Pssst. We also make Perspective Lite.

You may have heard of it, as over 19,000 schools across England use it to access everything from early national data to our free Inspector Profiles tool. If your school already uses Perspective Lite, it’s super easy to upgrade.

If not – it can save you hours preparing for governor meetings with handy infographic tools for your census data, and even gives you alerts for things like Parent View (and more).

Plus, it’s absolutely free.

"From a senior leaders point of view, Performance Management was a huge benefit from a time management point of view really because I had everything in one place."

- Sara Radley, Head Teacher, Rock Ferry Primary

“Everything I needed was there and ready for me, and uploading what I needed to went smoothly!”

- Hanna Knight, Wansdyke School

“So easy to use”

- Damien Thorpe, Head Teacher, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

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