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Important Announcement: Changes to the Ofsted SEF July 22nd 2011

The Ofsted SEF online service closes on the 22nd July 2011 for all schools.

For schools who are wondering what to do next, Perspective provides a number of options for you moving forward.

Option 1: Purchase Perspective and Migrate your current SEF for free.

Purchase Perspective before the end of July 2011 and we will migrate your current SEF at no extra charge.

Benefit: Peace of mind knowing your SEF is safe and securely backed up and now you will have access to our fully integrated school improvement suite including Improvement Planning, Surveys, Documents and Performance Management.  Maintain your current SEF inside Perspective using our Self Evaluation toolkit.
Call us on 0845 833 7190 or email perspective@angelsolutions.co.uk to find out more

Option 2: Purchase a limited version of Perspective at a reduced price

This includes an online document store, online survey tool and a place to store your current SEF.  Please note: Perspective Lite users can upgrade to enable the document and survey modules.

Benefit: Store all your school policies and self evaluation data in our evidence store. Benefit from the time saving survey tools which do all the collation and analysis for you.  All your documents backed up and accessible from any location with internet access.

Call us on 0845 833 7190 or email perspective@angelsolutions.co.uk to find out more

Option 3: Custom Frameworks

If your school had adopted a self evaluation framework through your Local Authority, or you have developed or chosen your own framework, call us now on 0845 833 7190 to find out how our Perspective School Improvement Suite can support you.

January 2012

The new Ofsted framework will come into force in January 2012, and Perspective will be updated to align to this. We will also be giving schools the chance to migrate their existing SEF into a self review output which matches the new 4 key areas which Ofsted will be focussing upon, and make any amendments they like, to limit the amount of work needed to keep ahead of the game.

Details of the migration and the new self evaluation reports and documents available to Perspective users will be communicated throughout the summer and autumn terms as Ofsted finalise the framework to make sure everyone is ready for January 2012.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of educationalist who will be happy to discuss your particular requirements.

Thank you

Email: perspective@angelsolutions.co.uk
Telephone: 0845 833 7190

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