Charity Day – June 2012

Here at Angel Solutions we support a number of charities on a monthly basis with donations, and we help others out whenever we can as part of our global goals programme. Every month we also have an innovation day for all of our staff which gives everyone a chance to explore something new, either work, technology or personal skill related, that they want to explore. It’s really led to some exciting developments and ideas that are now coming to fruition in the software we develop or in the way we work with our clients.

This month we are combining these two areas and our innovation day has become a Charity Day, something we hope will very much become a fixed six month staple of life at Angel. The premise is this; we work alongside some of the organisations and charities that need help and invest our time and energy in making a real difference to them for a day. Rather than just giving money, we want to see if we can have a real impact and do our bit to help some of these really worthwhile initiatives that our friends and partners do.

We’ll be updating the site with feedback on the day and the activities we got involved in, so watch this space. There’s a going to be a real mixture from helping with some decorating andĀ gardeningĀ to preparing food and donation boxes, from assisting with IT through to some simple business and technology advice.

If you represent a charity or an educational/family related organisation and you would like us to help you on our next charity day, please contact us.

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