New Perspective Release Next Week

Perspective will be updated next week with a host of new features and functionality in support of the latest educational movements relating to Teaching Standards, new Performance Management regulations and the latest changes to the inspection framework. This year has already seen the most intensive development period in the history of the Perspective Suite, and this is set to continue over the coming months with a lot of small but effective updates to make sure Perspective schools and Children’s Centres are always ahead of the curve.

Thanks in advance to all our user groups and leading leaders for their help and suggestions for the features we add into the system. A growing number of these will be going into the releases over the summer starting next week. A fuller breakdown of all the features will be added into Perspective later this week along with a confirmed date for the release, but as ever, all our users will have access to all of the new features minutes after deployment.

Schools and Children’s Centres up and down the country are benefiting from being part of the Perspective community, and if you would like to join them and get ready for September, speak to one of our team on 0845 833 7190 or email us and we can have you up and running before the end of the day!

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