Perspective helps Children’s Centres with Ofsted Inspection

Perspective is in use across every Children’s Centre in Durham, and it was great to get some feedback this week from one of the busy Centres who have just had an Ofsted:

‘Perspective has helped and supported me as a Centre Principal Worker in developing a robust SEF. This led to an overall good Ofsted inspection. The way the Perspective solution works with its unique scaffold system, helps to break down the SEF into manageable chunks. These ‘chunks’, or bite sized questions, with their excellent independent guidance help us to generate a robust and effective reflection of our valued service and activities. Perspective also helped my team collaborate in the building of the SEF and the gathering of SEF evidence, saving me valuable time to focus on reviewing, revising and updating SEF content.’

Janet Jackson, Principal Worker, Evenwood & Middleton Children’s Centres, Durham

Congratulations to Janet and all of the team at Evenwood and Middleton!

If you would like more information on how Perspective can support your Children’s Centre, please contact us.

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