2013 National Data

Angel Solutions in conjunction with the NCER are proud this year to provide Local Authorities and schools with an early picture of National Results for 2013.

Local Authorities can see this emerging picture within Nexus and choose from a range of data sets such as EYFS, Phonics, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

National Picture Widget

The number of Local Authorities included in the data set is shown too.  We have blurred the figures as these are live figures that are constantly updated!

Local Authorities can also see trend graphs for each school against early draft 2013 figures for their Local Authority and the emerging National Picture.

The screenshots below are taken from our Local Authority demonstration account.

EYFS Benchmark Data

KS1 Benchmark Data


For schools, they can see these same trend graphs inside our free Perspective Lite tool.
Many Local Authorities have already rolled out Perspective Lite to all their schools as a way of disseminating data, documents and reports, or as a way of collecting files or sharing record of visit information.  They can also publish news to their schools. 

KS1 Benchmark Data

Feedback from schools using Perspective Lite and Local Authorities using Nexus has been fantastic.
Angel Solutions will continue to work with NCER to enhance the datasets and the information provided in real-time to schools.

Schools, speak to your Local Authority Data Management team to ask if they can switch on these Realtime Data Dashboards so you can access them inside Perspective Lite.  If you would like a free copy of Perspective Lite, then email your details to the address below.

For further information please email perspective@angelsolutions.co.uk or call 0845 833 0933


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