Manchester, Walsall & Perspective Lite

Manchester and Walsall Local Authorities both join the growing number of organisations rolling out Perspective Lite to all their schools and/or Children’s Centres

Streamlining the process of communications and enabling them to do the following:

  • send news and articles
  • send/receive files
  • distribute reports automatically
  • enable realtime dashboards based on Local Authority data

In addition, Walsall Local Authority are using Pendulum, our records of visits system, which also integrates inside Perspective Lite allowing their schools to see a history of all interactions with the school by the Local Authority.

On top of that, schools and children’s centres benefit from the additional free tools inside Perspective Lite such as Watchsted, Infographic Generators and News Aggregators.

Over 8,500 schools and children’s centres now have access to Perspective Lite nationwide

If your Local Authority or organisation is interested in finding out how Nexus, Perspective Observatory and Perspective Lite can benefit you and the schools or children’s centres you manage then contact James Burch or Andy Kent on 0845 833 0933


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