Circus Games

What happens when you give 15 people a challenge, a 30 pound budget and a theme?

Photo of Steady Hand Grandstand

At Angel, every month the team put down what they are doing to take part in an ‘Innovation Day’ where they can work on whatever project they want. This time it coincided with the opening party for our new Circus-themed office (more to follow on that in another post). The crew split off into three teams and each team designed, created and tested their own circus game.

Along with numerous trips to B & Q, the teams sourced paint, paper cut-outs, electronics, a Christmas tree stump and even a pair of old trousers (see if you can spot what they were used for..).

Photo of Shooting Angels game

So visitors to the office can play “Shooting Angels”, “The Steady Hand Grandstand” or take on “The Clown”.

Photo of The Clown Game

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