Perspective gets an upgrade

Our flagship school leadership software, Perspective has had an update to help school leaders adjust to the latest framework and to bring more benefits to our users.

What’s in this release:

New Common Inspection Framework

Perspective is now fully integrated with the new Framework. The Self Evaluation aspects of Perspective have had a complete overhaul to reflect the changes.

  • Verified content
    The new CIF content in Perspective has been produced by Ofsted Inspectors and verified by a peer-group of NLE’s, Inspectors, advisors and Directors of Education.
  • Fewer Bite Sized Questions
    Same challenge but with fewer questions! We have overhauled the questions to make Perspective less about compliance and more about supporting reflective practice.
  • Shorter, Summary SEF
    One key question per Ofsted area allowing more concise reporting.
  • Insightful Guidance
    Be prepared! Our in-system guidance asks you the questions that Inspectors are trained to ask before they ask you.

Check out the screenshots for an idea of how it all looks…

Our Inspection Framework summary

We have compiled a short headline summary to help school leaders understand the broad implications of the new CIF, and how they might need to respond.

If you’re a school leader and you’d like a free copy of this summary, all we ask is that you book a short online demonstration to see how Perspective can support you with the framework changes.

Or, if you’re already a Full Perspective user, just email us for a copy!

Draft Observations

As part of the Performance Management functions in Perspective, we have added the ability to save Observations as a draft before making them finalised. This allows Observers to keep their observations private before sharing them with others connected to the observation.

This is a prime example of how we respond to user feedback. Perspective – like all of our software – is updated regularly with enhancements like this, thanks to our amazing team of agile developers. You asked for this feature and we are happy to oblige!

For 5 Minute Lesson Plan Personal Licence Holders…

Wow, we can’t quite believe the digital 5 Minute Lesson Plan is nearly a year old! In that time 22,650 lesson plans have been created by teachers using the free version available at!

Now, to help Personal Licence holders (individual teachers who have subscribed to the Full version of the tool), we’ve added some enhancements to the Portfolio page and a brand new renewals and feedback system. This will help teachers know exactly how many days of access they’ve got left, and give them the ability to extend their licence easily.

That’s not all! We’ve added the ability for teachers to bulk-download all of their lesson plans in one go as a zip file during the Renewal process. (A great feature for our super-users!)

To access any of these extras, just click ‘Renew Now’ from the 5 Minute Lesson Plan portfolio page once logged in. From there you can renew your licence at any time, submit suggestions or feedback, and choose to download all of your lesson plans as pdfs.

Find out more

Get in touch to find out what Perspective can do to transform your leadership processes and drive up the quality of teaching & learning in your school.

If you have any questions please call 0845 833 7830

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