Top tips for Perspective users

How to take a more developmental approach to professional standards in Perspective! Plus, some stress-busting tips to help you enjoy your summer and an opportunity to make your voice heard — simply tell us what makes great teaching!

More Supportive teacher standards

Over the last year we have been speaking with our client base about building a more developmental approach to professional standards. Based on your feedback we have tweaked our existing Perspective Professional Standards to make them more supportive and palatable to classroom teachers.

Table showing the move from Outstanding to Major Strength, Good to Strength, Requires Improvement to Needs Development, and Inadequate to Priority for Development

The change of grade set from OGRI (Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement, Inadequate) to MSNP (Major Strength, Strength, Needs Development, Priority for Development) has led to staff feeling more supported. As a result of this simple move away from ‘judgement-focussed’ language, staff have reportedly been more willing to embrace areas where they require support.

As a school, the end result is the same, you’re able to identify areas of strength and developmental needs, but without worrying about staff feeling stigmatised if you select “Requires Improvement” or “Inadequate”.

How to find the new standards

Act now and enjoy your summer!

The best way to ensure you can relax and fully enjoy your Summer is to get a few key jobs done now.

Don’t forget to update your targets, check your reviewees are on track, and prepare for performance management discussions before the summer break! If you ask your reviewees to upload their evidence now and show the progress they are making, it will save you from a load of hassle and stress nearer September.

What makes great teaching?

What are the key things to measure or observe in lessons? What are the key factors that make up truly great teaching?

Let us know what you think and we’ll use everyone’s answers to create some ‘killer’ new Observations templates in Perspective, ready for the new academic year!

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