Another Successful NCER Members’ Meeting!

Once again the NCER Annual Members’ Meeting was fully booked last week, with 108 different Local Authorities from across the country coming together to hear about the latest developments from NCER and Angel Solutions.

As well as the presentations over upcoming data and assessment changes in the world of education, we were able to showcase a host of impressive new Nexus reports and features, which delighted attendees!

Map showing the regional groups of local authorities representated at this year's NCER Members' Meeting!

Map of attendees, highlighting regional groupings

Angel Solutions has been working closely with the National Consortium of Examination Results (NCER) since 1999 — a Community Interest Company that unites every Local Authority in England. Together we are working to deliver the best possible software solutions that meet LA and school needs during a time of dramatic change in the education industry.

Our products — Nexus, Pendulum, Broadcast, Perspective Observatory (particularly its census tool!) and Perspective Lite for schools — are working in tandem to deliver a one-stop solution for education leadership, data management and school improvement functions.

Here are a selection of comments from the day:

“All sessions were very informative. The enthusiasm from the Angel Solutions staff is infectious and they manage to put everything across in light-hearted but very informative way.”
“It was extremely beneficial meeting with other LAs from throughout the country.”
“Came away with lots of notes and some great action points (sometimes you don’t at these things!) We hope to get a regional data group together if the other 7 want to play ball!”
“I like that all presentations were fully focussed toward School Improvement.”
“I appreciate the hard work that has gone into developing Nexus for a life after levels. Changes were explained clearly and presenters very good as usual.”
“All of it was interesting but I thought Angel Solutions were exceptional!”
“I loved the demo of Nexus’ Nova module — Very impressive!”
“Being my first time attending, I appreciated that the information provided by NCER & Angel Solutions took into account a lot of the unknowns we are presently faced with, and were not shy about saying so, and what impact this would have.”
“It is always good to meet colleagues from other LAs and to be able to see people from NCER, Angel and the DfE face-to-face. I got real sense of collaborative working between everyone, which is reassuring during this time of change.”

Signing off…

Thanks to everyone who attended, and we look forward to seeing many of you again next year! Presentations from the day can all be downloaded from the Nexus Forum (account required).

For more details on What’s New in Nexus, including moving image previews, take a look at our news article!

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