Exciting developments at #NCER17

Once again the NCER Annual Members’ Meeting was fully booked last week, with over 170 attendees from Local Authorities across the country coming together to hear about the latest developments from NCER and Angel Solutions.

#NCER17 - NCER Annual Members' Meeting 2017

We were able to showcase a host of incoming impressive features and give updates on NCER activities, which delighted attendees! Including:

  • A new importing mechanism and tons of performance improvements
    (as detailed on “The Wall Of Awesome”!)
  • Exports from Nova
  • Early Progress
  • Trend Analysis for various key stages and measures
  • Time-saving Bulk Editing of School Information
  • Automatic School Groups
  • Support for the new 1-9 GCSE grade system
  • Preview of the new NCER website (coming soon!)

Not to mention… Raise Accreditation and the new NCER CLA Analysis!

Angel Solutions has been working closely with the National Consortium of Examination Results (NCER) since 1999 — a Community Interest Company owned and run by Local Authorities in England. Together, we are working to deliver the best possible software solutions that meet LA and school needs during a time of dramatic change in the education industry.

Our products — Nexus, Pendulum, Balance, Broadcast, Perspective Observatory and Perspective Lite for schools — are working in tandem to deliver a one-stop solution for education leadership, data management and school improvement functions.

Quotes from the day

We asked attendees what they enjoyed about the day, here are a selection of comments:

!Bulk editing into NEXUS = Fab! Results day analysis = Fab! Regional training sessions = Fab! Breaking boundaries option = very useful! Option for additional Perspective Lite accounts in schools = Fab!!
“Chris Marriot gets my vote for entertainment! I will look at posting News items on Perspective Lite. I will contact Virtual HT and offer to go over CLA reports again.”
“The excellent presentation from Edd and Chris on Nexus 2017 and beyond. Being able to speak with colleagues from other LAs. Meeting NCER colleagues.”
“I enjoyed the Nexus developments session the most, closely followed by the Traded Service session. We’ll explore more of what Nova can offer. We are also interested in exploring Pendulum”
“Just all round excellent conference as ever. All content spot on, highly relevant and provides lots of ideas to use back on the job.”
“Chris Marriott – the Nexus developments and the CLA project. We will make use of the additional reports developed in Nexus. We have already started to use the CLA project functionality. We have already rolled out Perspective Lite to our schools and purchased additional modules (Broadcast, Pendulum, Observatory).”
“Learning how other authorities provide traded services. Review if and how we are going to implement traded services”
“I would really like to implement Perspective Lite in our LA.”
“The wall of awesome – entertaining format and very informative”

Signing off…

Thanks to everyone who attended, and we look forward to seeing many of you again next year! Presentations from the day and a summary write up can all be downloaded from the Nexus Forum or Documents area, both available after login (account required).

New for this year, we are also compiling a FAQ document to follow up on everyone’s questions, suggestions and discussion using the interactive wall used on the day. (Available to Member local authorities in the coming weeks!)

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