Transforming assessment for ‘Life After Levels’

We’re excited to introduce our new formative assessment tool, Balance and will be hosting a series of free events at our circus where school leaders can see it in action!

The Balance system has been developed by teachers to embed formative assessment based on mastery of the English and Maths curriculum for Primary. It is designed to help staff drive forward their pupils’ outcomes in a world of Life without Levels.

The benefits of Balance for formative & summative assessment: Quickly demonstrate gaps in learning
Focus on learning, not unnecessary tracking! Move away from complicated spreadsheets and embrace quick, simple, automated analysis; Strengthen the links between curriculum, pedagogy and assessment; Increase your teachers' confidence in using assessment to improve their practices

Balance is all about restoring the work-life balance that many of those in the teaching profession have lost through endless marking, lesson planning and assessment:


will be able to respond more effectively to their pupils’ needs, based on daily/weekly assessment feedback.


will have greater visibility of the progress pupils are making towards fully understanding the curriculum objectives throughout the course of the year. (Great for early intervention!)

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Take a look for FREE!

Headteachers & SLT members are invited to attend an introductory session at our renowned circus offices in Liverpool. Come to see Balance in action and have all of your questions answered!
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Angel Solutions' circus office in Liverpool
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