How to make the most of Perspective Lite this year

As every school in the country has access to Perspective Lite, we thought we’d prepare a quick round up of some things leaders should look out for in their accounts…

Balance formative assessment tool

The new academic year is also the perfect time to get to grips with Balance, a brand new formative assessment tool created by teachers who were frustrated with existing systems in schools. (Find out more below!)

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1. Prettify your census

September is a great time to present your governors, parents and staff with an easy-to-read Infographic of your latest pupil census.

Simply log in and go to the Tools area to start…

2. Dynamic reports generated for you

There’s no need to manually edit your own reports!

If your local authority has given you access to this feature, you’ll be able to filter on specific groups of pupils across a range of gap analysis and progress reports, as well as test and teacher assessment reports.

Simply log in and go to the LA area…

Can’t see ‘LA Reports’ yet? Contact your local authority and ask for the ‘Nova’ reports to be switched on!

3. Compare to early performance trends

Perspective Lite includes Realtime Data Trends. These live dashboards, allow you to quickly see at a glance how your school’s performance compares with your local authority as a whole, and with early national averages.

Log in and go to the LA area to take a look…

Can’t see ‘Realtime Data Trends’ yet? Contact your local authority and ask for the dashboards to be switched on!

4. Securely receive data from your LA

If you have a service level agreement (or similar) with your LA, you may be also be receiving key pupil level information through your Perspective Lite account.

Keep an eye on the Documents and News areas in your Perspective Lite account to make sure you stay up to date!

5. See your School Improvement Visits

Some local authorities use Perspective Lite as a secure and efficient way of communicating their visit reports to headteachers. This helps school leaders know exactly where to focus their energies and allows access to SI evidence online.

Look out for the visits tab in your account to find out whether this is available to you!

6. See the latest Ofsted inspections

Watchsted in Perspective Lite shows the latest 100 published inspection reports on a hot spot map, and includes the option to search for key words &phrases to help you know where to focus your attention pre-inspection.

This is particularly useful when writing your school SEF to be able to read the latest feedback from Ofsted.

Simply log in and go to the Watchsted area to start…

Need more help?

If you require any support with your Perspective Lite account, please email

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