Balance Release 17th November 2017

We are pleased to announce Balance V3.0! Here are the latest updates that will be going live:

Class Analysis buttons switched on as default

The ‘Show unsecured’ and ‘Show bar values %’ buttons at the top of the Class Analysis page will be turned on by default. This will show all the bar colours, making it is easier for teachers to see all the learning that has taken place. As a result, it will be easier for teachers to identify gaps in their children’s understanding.

Class Analysis sorting function

As teachers start to analyse the learning that has taken place in their class using Class Analysis, we have enhanced the sorting function that is available on this page. By clicking on the ‘% Secure’ button at the top of the list of pupils, it is possible to order the children according to their depth of understanding (lowest -> highest). Click it again to order it the other way.  This is helpful when identifying intervention groups and planning lessons based on the needs of the children.

Baseline down to objective level

The Baseline tool will now allow you to backfill learning for pupils that join mid-year, right down to objective level. If you were not up and running with Balance at the start of September, this tool will be invaluable to ensure the data in your account is up-to-date. Teachers can quickly and efficiently secure those objectives that have already been taught to ensure there are no gaps in the data at the end of the year.

Progress Matrix and Aggregate Matrix expected progress statistic

The data on both the Progress Matrix and Aggregate Matrix pages now includes a statistic that allows you to quickly and clearly see the percentage of pupils that are working at expected progress (including those pupils working above expected progress).  We will be looking for feedback on this over the coming weeks, so look out for our post-release survey.

Progress Matrix and Aggregate Matrix can be exported

This feature enables SLT to export the ‘headline’ data that is visible on the Progress Matrix and Aggregate Matrix pages. This data will then be available in Excel format for the SLT to analyse and interpret as necessary.

ARE percentage bug fix

The ARE percentage is still customisable for all schools (it is set at 90% by default).  However, if the progress lines are changed for individual pupils, the ARE value will now not be affected by this.

If you have any questions about any of the new features or if you would like to book in training to go through anything in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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