5 Ways Perspective Can Save You Time and Money!

Here are 5 ways that Perspective school leadership toolkit can save you time and/or money in  your school leadership processes.

1. Minimises the need for additional in-class cover

Perspective has a Teaching & Learning Monitoring module, which includes automatic analysis that collates all your observations data centrally. This can then be exported for graphical or spreadsheet interpretation and used directly in governor’s reports. (No more manual collating to save you time!)

As a consequence, you will benefit from a reduction in middle/senior leaders having to fulfil additional responsibilities outside of the classroom — Hence, saving money for your school and freeing up staff to focus on where they’re needed most.

2. System compatible with iPads/tablets

With Perspective, you can conduct your performance reviews and monitoring ‘on the go’! No more need for paper-based methods and time-consuming administrative or organisational tasks. Instead, you are able to access your work from anywhere, saving it in draft versions until completion. Once completed, any reviewees or observed parties gain access to the completed versions instantly at the click of a button.

3. No more waiting around for input from various sources

Perspective aggregates all information required for your performance reviews, planning reports, CPD reports, school SEF and more!

4. Track progress throughout the year

Regular progress reports keep you up-to-date with live updates of how staff are progressing e.g. completed CPDs or any evidence attached.

5. Work more productively and proactively

The hundreds of headteachers who are already using Perspective often say that the system saves them around two days of whole school leadership time per term! For example, reducing meeting times by ensuring that all information is easily available to everyone prior to the meeting, is often listed as one of the biggest contributions to time saved.

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