Revolutionise your Feedback Analysis in Perspective

Get ready for some exciting new updates to Perspective! In addition to our game-changing Development Feedback Dashboard we released last November, we’re taking our analysis and templates to the next level. Here’s what’s in store…

Feedback Analysis: What you already had & MORE…

On top of the current aggregate data analysis that you have always had in Perspective, we are pleased to introduce a brand new set of analysis views that also let you see the very latest data in real-time.


As always, you can download this data to edit, present, or share with stakeholders in various formats.


Analyse your data by individual or team. When we updated the analysis screens, we also simplified the filters so that you can choose what to see based on your choice of template, such as ‘Learning Walks’, ‘Book Scrutiny’ or a ‘Classroom Observation’.

Pssst… If you still need to access your original aggregate data, then simply click the ‘old analysis page’ button. We will be migrating this analysis into the new dashboards in the coming months!


Upgraded Feedback Capture for Deeper Insights.

As part of our phased enhancements to Development Feedback, you will notice that there has been a change made to recording & capturing grades in your templates.

We have replaced the radio buttons with a drop-down list in our template recording and capturing process so that you can have as many choices as you like, along with the descriptors for each choice set.


Not only that, but we have now given you the ability to choose “Not Set” which, is super handy if you have made the wrong selection!

Templates reimagined…

You will love our improvements to editing templates, including a new sidebar that conveniently stores all template information while you focus on your content.

Adding new or existing content to your templates has never been easier.

With Perspective, you can effortlessly select from our library of pre-existing grade sets, such as Major Strength through to Priority for Development, or add your own custom text boxes.

Additionally, you have complete control over the order in which your text and grade options appear in the template.


What’s more, when you preview your templates, we have added a handy little feature to capture new feedback straight away from that template.


Enhanced Reports.

You will love our updated Development Feedback reports. Not only will you be proud to use them in your school, but this brings the look and feel in line with the rest of the reports in Perspective.


Ready to get started?

Sign in now and enjoy your latest updates, we are confident that they will take your feedback analysis and reporting capabilities to the next level, and we look forward to you seeing the results.

Not currently a Perspective Premium user?

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If you or any colleagues would like training on any aspect of Perspective or have any other questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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