New Features for Confidential Files

You asked, and we delivered! Just a reminder of what Confidential Files offers: it’s the epitome of simplicity in targeted sharing.

You can directly share files with specified roles within each school, ensuring that the right people always have access to the correct information.

In addition to the existing features of Confidential Files matching on URN (Unique Reference Number) prefixes and role-based targeting that you already have access to, we are excited to announce that you can now also match using 7-digit DfE number prefixes!

DfE Number or URN? Your Choice.

Back in February, we introduced the capability to upload a zip file containing multiple files, which Broadcast then efficiently distributes to individual schools, utilising file prefixes that correspond with each school’s URN.


With our latest update, you can now also use the school’s 7-digit DfE number as a prefix to your files.

As before, you can still review and verify all files matched to a school or setting in your LA, ensuring they are directed to the correct destinations. You can also re-assign files as needed. Ready to see it in action? Log in to Broadcast now and experience this new functionality for yourself!

To make the best use of these features, it’s essential to create roles in Broadcast so that all of your schools can assign those roles to their users and keep their users and roles up-to-date within Perspective moving forward.

Contact our Support Team or your account manager to find out how we can help or forward the links to the Perspective Lite or Perspective Premium help guides to your schools.

There’s More to Come!

As always, our team is working on an array of features that will enhance and empower what LAs are already experiencing in Broadcast Plus, including:

  • Download all files in a File Request (Just like Standalone Files).
  • Broadcast Teams: Create and Manage Teams.
  • Permissions/Visibility introduced based on Teams to File Collections and Confidential Files.
  • Automated emails, notifications, and alerts to schools and Broadcast users.
  • File Collection Requests to utilise Roles for specific users to collect files from.
  • Broadcast Management Dashboards – See all files and roles shared across your schools.
  • File Validation: auto-reject files that do not meet requirements (e.g. by file type or 0 bytes file size).
  • Performance Improvements, e.g. Soft Deletes and removing School Group Limits.


Ready to get started?

Sign in now and see the updates for yourself.

Not currently a Broadcast user?

Join us for a demo and we will show you how our users are benefitting.


If you or any colleagues would like training on any aspect of Broadcast or have any other questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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