New Resources for you in Perspective

We’re excited to announce a new Perspective update, introducing our Useful Websites page to provide you with an even better experience. Here’s an easy breakdown of the changes we’ve made…

A dedicated page for you

We know that running a school involves many things you need to remember or note. So, we created a page dedicated to useful resources you may need.


So, whether you need to get the latest stats from the DfE or check Ofsted’s parent view, you can do so without needing to Google search for the correct links.

Watch This Space!

Our team is developing new features to improve your experience with Perspective Premium in the upcoming academic year.

These will include enhancements to Performance Management, such as making Professional Standards templates required and categorising different staff roles for analysis. We are also adding additional features based on feedback from our customers.

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If you or any colleagues would like training on any aspect of Observatory or have any other questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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