NEXUS v3.2.1 released

Listed below is some key information about the NEXUS v3.2.1 release including, new functionality and resolved issues:

New Functionality in NEXUS includes:

  • Manually add a new school
  • New default widgets layout for new users
  • New News widget RSS feed sources

New Functionality in Keypas Online includes:

  • KS2 AAT import, reports & grids
  • Extra Pupil Fields import
  • Targets import
  • PLASC Ethnicity reference grid
  • Tree view tooltips

Further information about the new functionality:

NEXUS: Manually add a new school

The add new school wizard is found on the search schools page available from the NEXUS Home page admin menu. It is only available for NEXUS administrators.

KEYPAS Online : KS2 AAT import, reports & grids

Coming soon after the release of the 2010 AAT files, the ability to run reports using the AAT data feed as a data source.

KEYPAS Online : Extra Pupil Fields import

If you already have results data inside KEYPAS Online then the ‘Extra Pupil Field’ wizard enables you to match and upload additional data to the results contained in a csv file that you create. For example attendance rates, sure start centres, SOA number etc. Go to the ‘import’ > ‘extra pupils’ drop down in KEYPAS Online for further information.

KEYPAS Online : Targets import

The targets import allows you to import school level targets using a CSV file. An example CSV is provided on the import page. The Targets Report allows you to compare actual results to targets for English and Maths at L4+.

KEYPAS Online : PLASC Ethnicity reference

The PLASC Ethnicity grid is available in the Maintenance branch of KEYPAS Online’s Tree View.

KEYPAS Online : Tree view tooltips

The Tree View Tool Tips are descriptions of what each report is when you hover over its name in KEYPAS Online’s Tree View.

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