New Enhancements to Performance Management this July!

That’s right, there will be another upgrade to Perspective — our comprehensive school leadership software suite!

We always listen to feedback from users and our development team have been working hard to get requested features into the system ready for the next round of appraisals. Take a look at what’s coming up:

New CPD impact summary report

Staff quickly log the impact of any completed CPD in Perspective. This feeds directly into their individual end of-year review report, as well as into this new executive summary to help School Leaders evidence the impact of CPD on whole school development.

New pay recommendation summary report

Headteachers receive an overview of current pay grade and recommended progression, saving time by easily building up evidence for the governing body to ratify any pay changes.

New detailed pay recommendation report

This report provides leaders with a detailed rationale behind pay progression recommendations, saving them time by automatically collating evidence and leading to increased confidence in pay decisions.

New appraisal target summary reports

This new suite of reports will:

  • Highlight which staff members need early intervention and help with appraisal regulation compliance;
  • Save time aggregating targets to ensure that all appraisal targets set are aligned with the school’s overall development journey;
  • Report on the status of reviews, saving leaders time by removing the need to chase reviewers/reviewees who are likely to (or have missed) the school’s deadline;

New printable analysis for Teaching and Learning Monitoring

Leaders will be able to print a summary of strength and development areas across the whole school, specific teams or individuals and share it anonymously with the governing body through a printable report.

This saves even more time and means you’ll always have the latest picture of the quality of T&L in your school! (No need to screen-shot or snip images)

Prepare for September!

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