Benefit From Precision in Privacy

We are pleased to inform you that Broadcast has been updated, so you can now share confidential files with specific users.

This extends the previous functionality, which ONLY allowed you to share confidential files with the Head Teacher at each school. Please take the time to read through the exciting changes.

The new enhanced Confidential Files dashboard below lets you see all of your schools, the number of users and the files sent to each school.

Confidential Files Dashboard  

Drag, Drop, Select & Send

As always we have made it super easy to choose a file, select the school and then choose your target audience (You can select multiple people from the list of permitted users inside the school’s Perspective account).

Upload Confidential FIle Menu  

If you want to, you can tick the “notify via email” box so that the selected users get an email letting them know a new confidential file is available to them in their secure folder.

Achieve Full File Control

Just like before, we give you full control of all files sent to any given user. Now, you can do this with all Perspective users, not just the Head Teacher!

Confidential Files by user  

The whole screen has had a refresh while maintaining the same options of toggling the file visibility on/off for any file (super handy if you want to quickly hide a file while you check the contents).

Edit Confidential Files  

We have also made it quick and easy to change the target audience or update the file.

Edit File Visibility  

What Your Schools See…

As always your schools will be able to access these confidential files in the Document Pool inside Perspective Lite or Perspective Premium*.

Perspective Files School View  

*Appearance may differ depending on your school’s Perspective service.

The folder has been renamed to “My Confidential Files” – formerly “Confidential (Head Only)” – to cater for the wider audience. Schools will still be able to control which users can get access to receive confidential files.

So, no more email attachments, no more separate systems; Broadcast now gives you the ability to securely send files to selected users at the school level.

Watch this space in 2024 as we extend this to include ROLES so that you can share files securely with the “SENCO” or “Safeguarding Lead” as an example.


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